Design in Healthcare 1 (I&E 720)

  • ~10 Teams are formed, each with one DH Fellow, one clinical liaison and one associate
  • All participants can receive credit (cross-listed in I&E, Fuqua, ENG, and CANTH)
  • Teams meet on Wednesday night (6-8:30pm) to receive instruction on design and work with professors
  • DH Fellows act as team leaders and meet with professors separately to be coached, share best practices, and receive additional instruction
  • Focused observation experiences are arranged for entire team by DH Fellow
  • Teams achieve a validated need and proof-of-concept solution which are “pitched” at the end of the semester



Design in Healthcare 2 (I&E 721)

  • Projects and teams from fall are assessed for viability
  • New associates may come in to replace associates that can’t participate in the spring
  • DH Fellows continue to lead their teams through concept refinement, prototyping, and business implementation strategies
  • Instruction continues on Wednesday nights, along with DH Fellow meetings with professors
  • Teams achieve a functional prototype and polished business model, positioned to attract further funding (e.g. MEDx) if desired