The Design Health Program leveraged interdisciplinary efforts and programs already in place at Duke and launched its first pilot program in Fall 2018. The program continues to grow as students from across Duke participate in the program.


Infographic of student enrollment in Design Health


Below is a sampling of students from previous cohorts.

2019-2020 Cohort

Yaas Bigdeli

ECE PhD Student

Aaron Czeiszperger

MEng BME Student

Connor Davis

MEng BME Student

Anna Diane

Third-Year Nursing PhD Student

Moriah Garcia

MEng BME Student

Kanishka Patel

MEng BME Student

Alejandro Pino

Pulmonology Fellow

Kevin Rosenthal

BME MS Student

Alexander Shields

MEng BME Student

Robert Stern

BSN Nursing Student

Jacqueline Vaughn

Nursing PhD Student

Craig Warlen

MEng BME Student

2018-2019 Cohort

Jason Cooper

MEng BME Student

Austin Dixon

First-Year Radiology Fellow

Claire Dong

Junior Undergraduate

Michael Good

MEng BME Student

Samuel Li

MEng BME Student

David Manly

Third-Year Cardiology Fellow

Anand Shah

Fourth-Year MD/MBA Student

Maggi Strom

MEng BME Student

Zohair Zia

Junior Undergraduate

Muhammed Ziaddun

Second-Year BME Student